Storybook Tree Services offers a full range of professional tree services ranging from the analysis and treatment of ailing trees and tree trimming to complete tree and stump removal.

We can help you take care of your trees so they will maintain their natural growth pattern and beauty.


Get a plan ensuring the protection of existing trees on and adjacent to the property during construction.

Arborist reports are comprehensive assessments of the health and condition of trees. These reports give property owners valuable information on potential risk factors that may impact both the tree itself as well as structures near its root zone.

Construction arborist reports can be requested by building owners who are looking for information on what trees may interfere with construction plans.
The important thing about risk management is being able to adapt as it changes over time—hence why tree risk management is something you should take into account.


Keep your trees thriving with the help of our expert arborists. Services include pruning, deep root fertilization, and more.

Tree pruning and trimming are great for making your trees look healthy and lovely. Pruning is also important to prevent tree diseases and injuries, as well as to improve airflow around trees, which improves their health.

Tree trimming can be corrective for trees that have developed structural problems due to loss of balance or disease. It is also for branches that are interfering with power lines, telephone lines, other branches or property below.
Deep root fertilization is the process of applying fertilizer to to targeted areas in the root system where nutrients are not readily available. Deep root fertilization encourages stronger tree growth and improved tree health.
Tree health care helps mitigate damage caused by pests, disease, and environmental stressors.


Expert removal services including whole tree removal, stump grinding, and more.

A tree removal service deals with the removal of trees (living or dead) that might pose a danger to property, people, other trees, and plant life due to health conditions such as decay or structural instability, and many other reasons.

Get rid of that pesky stump! Stump grinding and removal can help you finally have your land back.
If you are experiencing a tree emergency don't hesitate to call us.

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